Every year awards are given out to the SuperKids race winners, along with the Krystle Frye award, Volunteer of the Year award, and the Sponsor of the Year award.

To see the Current and Past winners please Click on the award links below.

2017 tp 4

2017 Race Winners

1st Place – Isiah Campbell
2nd Place – David Kovacic
3rd Place – Cory Michalec
4th Place – Frankie Jarvis


2017 Crystal Fry Award

AIden Volk


2017 Donny Stoffer Volunteer Award

Christine & Paul Richards (Volunteers of the Year)
Austin Armbrust (Junior Volunteer of the Year)

Guy's Party Center receives the 2017 Sponsor of the Year Award at the annual Awards Banquet

2017 Dave Mitan Sponsor of the Year Award

Guy’s Party Center