Sponsor of the Year Award

The Dave Mitan Sponsor of the Year Award

In 1980, the #34 Chapter of Vietnam Veterans of America took on a community project working with the Akron Soap Box Derby. As veteran Dave Mitan worked with racers, he felt a tug on his shirt and came face to face with a special needs child sitting next to his brother who was competing that day. The child asked, “Why can’t I do that?” Dave’s heart was so moved and his spirit so touched that he shared the experience with his fellow veterans. Together they launched an effort with All-American to design and build cars for these special children. Although most have moved on who remembered Dave’s passion and dedication to this idea, he was the first and ultimate “sponsor” of the Greater Ohio Area SuperKids Classic Inc., and the inspiration for the national effort that is now National Super Kids Classic. The Dave Mitan Sponsor of the Year Award was named in his honor to recognize an outstanding company, organization or individual who makes the race year special by going out of their way to support our race.

2018: Don Wood

Each year, Don purchases hundreds of dollars worth of items to raffle among the Employees of the Goodyear Innovation Center, and contributes all raffle revenue to SuperKids in the name of the Employees.  Don has also brought USW Local 2L to as a repeat sponsor in partnership with the Goodyear Employees. And this year, he arranged for us to display one of our cars in the lobby of the Goodyear headquarters lobby to promote our race and take donations.   We are so grateful for his long-term dedication and innovate ways of supporting SuperKids!

2017: Guy’s Party Center

Guy’s Party Center is a long-time sponsor of the annual Greater Ohio Area SuperKids Classic race banquet.  With patience and generosity the staff of Guy’s make our banquet possible, from coordinating a dinner selection that is kid and adult friendly, to managing last minute requests to accomodate our racer and family needs.  We greatly appreciate Guy’s long term support and look forward to working with them each year.

2016: Mitchell Communications

Each year, Mitchell Communications donates the use of radio/walkie talkie equipment for Practice Day and Race Day. Without this equipment, our Board and Volunteers would not be able to maintain critical communication with each other – from the top of the hill, to the announcer tower, to the bottom of the hill car run-out.  This ability to maintain communications during our Practice and Race Day is a priceless contribution to our events.

2015: Rotek Inc. and United Steel Workers Local 8565

In 2014, SuperKids lost a dedicated and tireless volunteer, Donny Stoffer. Donny worked for Rotek, and was a member of the Ravenna Moose 1234 and USW Local 8565. In memory of Donny, Rotek and USW Local 8565 sponsored our 2015 race at our highest financial sponsorship level. The 2015 Sponsor of the Year Award was presented to Rotek and USW Local 8565 as a tribute to Donny and in appreciation of the support they have always shown our race.

2014: Greater Akron Motorcycle Club

GAMC is a significant community partner for our race and other operations and events throughout the year. Their service in support of our mission is beyond that of a typical sponsor, not only providing financial sponsorship each year, but: serving on our Board of Directors; providing space for Board meetings and other events; sponsoring our annual picnic and Christmas parties; maintaining, repairing and storing our cars; and coordinating the “bottom of the hill” experience on Practice and Race Day ensuring racers and co-pilots end their downhill race safely.

Previous Award Recipients:

2013 & 2012: Allen Family
2011: Employees of Goodyear Innovation Center