Crystal Fry Award

The Crystal Fry Award is a very special recognition given each year to a SuperKid who embodies the true spirit of our race. This award was established in memory of Crystal Fry, a former racer who touched the lives of many during her 14 years on this earth. Crystal was a fighter, battling leukemia for 10 years, but despite the challenges she faced, she approached life with a contagious joy and enthusiasm that inspired everyone around her.

The Crystal Fry Award is given to a SuperKid who embodies the same qualities that made Crystal such a special person. The award recognizes a racer who is courageous, determined, and enthusiastic, and who always looks for the positive in every situation. This award is a tribute to the memory of Crystal, and a way for us to honor her legacy by recognizing a SuperKid who shares her spirit.

Each year, the recipient of the Crystal Fry Award is chosen by a committee of volunteers who have known Crystal and understand what she stood for. The award is presented at the annual Greater Ohio Area SuperKids Classic race event, in front of all of our racers, their families, and the community. It is a special moment that brings tears to the eyes of many, as we remember Crystal and celebrate the SuperKid who has been chosen to receive this honor.

The Crystal Fry Award is a reminder that our race is about more than just speed and competition. It is about celebrating the unique spirit and joy that every SuperKid brings to our race, and honoring those who embody those qualities in a special way. Congratulations to all of the Crystal Fry Award recipients throughout the years, and thank you for helping us keep the memory of Crystal Fry alive.


Sydney Pamer


Sarah Memberg


John Paul Rasinski


Cory Michalec


Aiden Volk


Alayna Flack


Zachary Arndt


Rachele Castner


Dylan Whitted


Trevor H.


Bryce S.


Emily P.