Race Winners

Race Winners

The top 4 winners of our annual race move on to compete in the National SuperKids in August, which is part of the All American Soap Box Derby World Championships. We are thrilled to see our racers represent our organization on a national stage and compete against SuperKids from across the country.

Over the years, we have seen some incredible talent and perseverance from our racers, and we are proud to have crowned many champions. Congratulations to all of our champions throughout the years, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for our SuperKids!


1st Place – Addalee Shellenbarger
2nd Place – Callen Yost
3rd Place – Landyn DeShane
4th Place – Isiah Campbell
5th Place – Tristain Knight-Dennison

2023 – Fun Run

1st Place –   Bryce Swartz
2nd Place – Jacob Harper
3rd Place – CJ Crockett


1st Place – Kelsey Polacek
2nd Place – Justin Roda
3rd Place – Drew Tanner
4th Place – Fayelynn Wilt


1st Place – Ronald Rhome
2nd Place – Peter Thomas-Wilt
3rd Place – Isiah Campbell
4th Place – Sarah Memberg


1st Place –   Micheal Baum
2nd Place – Isaiah Campbell
3rd Place – Jayden Brown
4th Place – Sara Memberg
5th Place – Alayna Flack


1st Place – Isiah Campbell
2nd Place – David Kovacic
3rd Place – Nicolas Scherer
4th Place – Micheal Baum


1st Place – Isiah Campbell
2nd Place – David Kovacic
3rd Place – Cory Michalec
4th Place – Frankie Jarvis


3rd Place – Sarah Memberg
1st Place – Cory Michelic
2nd Place – David Kovacic


1st Place – Frank Jarvis
2nd Place – Bryce Swartz
3rd Place – Chris Naegeli
4th Place – John Paul Rasinski


1st Place – David Wilt
2nd Place – Alex Bobick
3rd Place – David Kovacic
4th Place – Dylan Whitted


1st Place – John Krzysik
2nd Place – Joseph Korane
3rd Place – David Slusser
Returning National Champion – David Wilt