Volunteer of the Year

The Donny Stoffer Volunteer of the Year Award is a special honor that recognizes the outstanding passion and dedication of our volunteers who go above and beyond to make the SuperKids race a truly special day. The award was named in memory of Donny Stoffer, a long-time volunteer who was an integral part of the Greater Ohio SuperKids Classic Inc. family. Donny’s hard work and dedication to the race was an inspiration to many, and his tireless efforts behind the scenes helped make the race a success year after year.

Each year, we carefully consider all of our volunteers and choose one or more individuals who exemplify the same passionate spirit as Donny did. These volunteers are the ones who go the extra mile, always looking for ways to make the race even more special for our SuperKids. Whether it’s working on cars, organizing events, or just lending a helping hand wherever it’s needed, these volunteers truly embody the spirit of the SuperKids race.

The Donny Stoffer Volunteer of the Year Award is a way for us to honor these special individuals and show our appreciation for all that they do. We are grateful for the many volunteers who give their time, energy, and resources to make the SuperKids race a success, and we know that Donny would be proud of the work that we continue to do in his memory.


Tak Sakeagak


Sarah Kolesar


John Conley


Aaron Weatherford


Christine & Paul Richards


Austin Armbruster

(Junior Volunteer)


Boy Scout Troop 177, Stow Ohio


Chris Lantz & Jonathon Cottle


Randy Frye


Denise McCoy