Race Day

Race Day - Saturday June 1, 2024
Schedule of Events
9:00amSuperKids racer check-in
Co-pilot check-in
Volunteer check-in
9:15amIndividual pictures
9:45amGroup picture
10:30amSuperKids racing begins
11:00amFun run check-in
Racing continues through final round

How to get there

Location: 789 Derby Downs Dr, Akron, OH 44306

Directions: Access Derby Downs from George Washington Blvd to Springfield Lake Boulevard. Turn right and proceed down Derby Downs Blvd. Parking is located behid the bleachers.

Parking: roceed up the hill to the starting line pavillion on foot. If you need to drop off passengers requiring special assistance getting, PLEASE: drive slowly up to pavilion parking area, drop off passengers, and then return to park at the lower parking area.